Projects e-information-integration

Autonomous crop protection fruit
Developing autonomous spraying machines fruit for sensor guided protection, fertilization, etc.
- Project leader: A. Nieuwenhuizen
- Budget: 375.000

Autonomous straberry sprayer
Development of an autonomous vehicle in vegetable cultivation (focus strawberry) which treated plants sensor-controlled against pests and disease...
- Project leader: C. Kempenaar (T vd Berg, PT/PPL)
- Budget: 600.000

Clever Organized Well Connected
The government is working with inter-branche organisations and authorities to a generic approach to cut back on the pressure resulting from rules and ...
- Project leader: R. Aerdenhout

The aim of eFoodChain is to promote the integration of both eBusiness processes and systems within the Food Supply Chain, specifically within the fres...
- Project leader: Harrij Schmeitz

Fruit picking robot
Harvest robot for fruit.
- Project leader: J. Bontsema, E. Pekkeriet
- Budget: 370.000

HubWays works with and for you. to achieve a more efficient and future-proof floriculture transportation.

Pick & Pack
Developing packaging line.
- Project leader: J. Bontsema, E. Pekkeriet
- Budget: 650.000

Picking robot glass (CROPS)
Developing a robot for glasshouse harvesting of vegetables, focus on pepper.
- Project leader: J. Bontsema, WUR
- Budget: 475.000

Quality rockwool plugs
Within this project with industry parties a sensor will be developed that measures the quality of rockwool and gives advice on adjustments.
- Project leader: J. Bontsema, E. Pekkeriet
- Budget: 90.000