Projecten A-Z

Agricultural Standards
to develop a guideline for new standards for data interchange in the agrofeed, agrofood and flower sectors. This initiative is part of the broader EL&I initiative 'Agricultural Standards'.
agriXchange (EU)
In the Agri Xchange project, a network will be established with the objective to harmonize data exchange at European level. The project is called "Coordination and Support Action".
Autonomous crop protection fruit
Developing autonomous spraying machines fruit for sensor guided protection, fertilization, etc.
Autonomous straberry sprayer
Development of an autonomous vehicle in vegetable cultivation (focus strawberry) which treated plants sensor-controlled against pests and diseases.
Clever Organized Well Connected
The government is working with inter-branche organisations and authorities to a generic approach to cut back on the pressure resulting from rules and regulations: the Company File.
Client export, inventory behalf by development
The aim is to identify and prioritize the needs from the business for improvements and extensions of the Client. Advising the 'Change Advisory Board' for the industry applications and / or the core sy...
The aim of eFoodChain is to promote the integration of both eBusiness processes and systems within the Food Supply Chain, specifically within the fresh potatoes, fruit and vegetables, cereals and dair...
Fruit picking robot
Harvest robot for fruit.
Guidance Message Development Agriculture and Horticulture
The development of a guideline for the development of standard messages for electronic data exchange in horticulture and agriculture and the creation of cross-sector standardization agreement. This sh...
HubWays works with and for you. to achieve a more efficient and future-proof floriculture transportation.
Goal is the the link from the Client to the Chamber of Commerce for CvO and EUR1.
Location codes, practical applications
Increase the use of location codes in the horticultural industry by helping suppliers of software to implement the Electronic Transport Command (nl: ETO) including location codes. And to encourage g...
Pick & Pack
Developing packaging line.
Picking robot glass (CROPS)
Developing a robot for glasshouse harvesting of vegetables, focus on pepper.
Quality rockwool plugs
Within this project with industry parties a sensor will be developed that measures the quality of rockwool and gives advice on adjustments.
Vegetables and Fruit Portal
Current information about crop protection, food safety and product information bundled and smart unlocked.